Weekly Round-Up: The Claw Strikes Back Edition

Well so much for my lecturing about the gigantic waste of money otherwise known as the claw grabber vending machine. We were barely two feet in the grocery store this week (coming in strategically via the entrance furthest from that thrice-cursed claw) when M started up with “Mom, I’m only going to spend fifty centsContinue Reading

The Secret Money Lessons You Are Giving Your Kids

Mornings can be a bit of a challenge. M is a slow eater so breakfast takes him twice as long as his brother. He does cartwheels and handstands for a few minutes before heading off to dress. He chatters and acts out in front of the bathroom mirror rather than brushing his teeth. He’s immersedContinue Reading

Spinning The Wheel on The Game of Life

“Mom, how much does someone working in Starbucks earn?” whispered M the other day. We were having a rare Mommy and M afternoon while T was at a birthday party and Z worked on the garden. We’d stopped at Starbucks for a treat before heading to the library. “About $8 per hour but they haveContinue Reading

Weekly Round-Up: May Equals Mayhem For Moms Edition

As far as I’m concerned the month of May should be renamed “Mayhem!” When you’re a parent, this is the crunch month. School goes crazy with events, big homework projects and other requests. Sports are in full swing so you’re running around making all the games and meets. There are church events and Scout events.Continue Reading

Review: FamZoo – Flexible Enough For Every Family

Wrapping up our series on online allowance trackers, today’s post looks at virtual family bank, FamZoo.com. FamZoo was started back in 2006 by Bill Dwight to help manage allowances for his five children. Friends and family soon got to hear about it and clamored to use it too, starting in 2007. Bill and his partner,Continue Reading

Review: FamilyMint, The Goal-Focused Allowance Tracker

  I almost feel a bit redundant writing today’s review as FamilyMint does such an excellent job producing video guides to its site. To keep things useful, I’ll focus on what I discovered while playing around with the site and also evaluate how it stacks up against the criteria we set at the start ofContinue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: The “I Hate The Claw” Edition

Sigh.  It’s going to be a long road teaching our kids about money. We were in the grocery store on Friday afternoon and the boys are always drawn like magnets to the claw grabber vending machine. I really hate this thing and see it as a total waste of money. The boys were begging forContinue Reading

Review: How Moneytrail Tackles Allowances

Continuing our series of reviews looking at online allowance tracking sites or virtual family banks, today we’re looking at the new kid on the block. Moneytrail was launched in 2010 by Pam and Frank Whitlock. As parents of four children, including two teenagers, they had experienced first hand the struggle to keep on top ofContinue Reading

Review – ThreeJars: Ambitious But Flawed

When we first started giving allowances to our two boys in Kindergarten, we used three jars – three plastic containers for each of them with their names Sharpied on – to keep their money.  We followed the Spend-Save-Share approach and told the kids how much they should allocate to their Spending jar, their Saving jarContinue Reading

Review: Zefty, The No-Frills Online Allowance Tracker

Kicking off our reviews of some of the online allowance tracking sites out there, I decided to start at the end of the alphabet with Zefty. Zefty is a no-frills website that does exactly what it sets out to do: help kids and their parents track allowances. Opening an account is simple: just enter yourContinue Reading