Who’s The “Chore Trainer” In Your House?

The boys and I are very lucky to have Z in our lives. I tend to follow my Mom’s example when it comes to chores around the house. I lean towards doing things myself as it’s faster than getting the kids to do them. But every time I pick up an abandoned shoe or booksContinue Reading

Confession Time: I Gave My Son a Video Game for Snowboarding Practice. Was I Wrong?

“Daddy and I have an offer to make to you. If you can make three consecutive linked turns on your snowboard this weekend, we’ll buy you a video game, up to a $50 value.” I’d never expected to hear these words coming out of my mouth and from the way T’s eyes lit up, heContinue Reading

Forget Chores. Here’s A Different Way to Earn An Allowance

The best way to give your child an allowance – just like many aspects of parenting – is a matter of debate. An allowance system that works for one family won’t work for another. Alisa Weinstein – a mom whose creativity and work ethic blows me away – has come up with a new conceptContinue Reading

Review: bankaroo, The Basic Online Allowance Tracker

  Some of the most popular posts on Growing Rich Kids are the reviews of online allowance trackers – or virtual family banks. One of the latest contenders is bankaroo, which is the brainchild of eleven year old, Danielle Gafni. I love to see kids experimenting with being an entrepreneur so after her Dad, Etny,Continue Reading

How Making Kids Do Chores Makes Them Rich, Possibly

One of the things I like to do is take out the latest personal finance books from the library. Each visit, I head straight to the new books non-fiction section and check out the Dewey classification  number used for personal finance books: 332. I can’t tell if it’s sad or impressive that I know thisContinue Reading

Our Kids’ Allowance System – Successes & Challenges

(For regular readers, a quick apology.  Three weeks of sickness in our family  – including 10 days’ illness for me – plus traveling for a month to see family and friends  knocked me off my regular blogging schedule.  Then, lucky me, a new work opportunity conspired to keep me away for longer.  But now I’mContinue Reading

What The Money Class Teaches Parents About Raising Money-Savvy Kids

I hadn’t read Suze Orman’s latest book, The Money Class, before I started this blog, but she’s spot on about my motivation for doing so: … in the hope that from this day forward, all parents will devote themselves to instilling a strong set of values in their children and teaching them essential money managementContinue Reading

Mom, I Know What The “C” Word Is

We were doing the bedtime tooth brushing routine last night and M suddenly hit me with this zinger of a statement. “Mom, I know what the “C” word is.” I immediately adopted that wary, walking-in-a-minefield attitude that all parents have when faced with adult-content topics. “What’s the “C” word?” I asked as calmly as possible.Continue Reading

Weekly Round-Up: School’s Out Edition

Third grade and first grade wrapped up for my two boys this week. We’ve got ten weeks of summer ahead of us. The child in me still wriggles with delight at the thought of all those long summer days to enjoy. The mom in me is slightly terrified at the juggling now required to keepContinue Reading

How This Nine Year Old Kid Deals With Money

So what happens when you give a nine year old total control of “his” money? Since we introduced our new approach to allowances, it’s been interesting seeing the impact on my son, T’s behavior. When we made the switch, T was in the middle of saving for a Nintendo DS. He kept on dedicating allContinue Reading