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Teaching Kids About Buyer Beware

One of the principles of personal finance is understanding the difference between a want and a need. And then making sure that you budget for needs first and can afford the wants. But it’s a tad difficult to use an allowance to teach kids, at least the elementary school set, about this. At this stage,Continue Reading

Friends With Money – When It’s Polite to Talk About Money, and When It Isn’t

“How did David get to be so rich?” The question from nine year old T dropped into the afternoon catch-up with my friend and ripples of silence extended between us. In retrospect, the question was innocent enough. T was genuinely interested in finding out how our friends had reached their financially comfortable stage of life.Continue Reading

Teaching Kids About Money – Starting The Journey

“Mom, why is money important?” asked my son, T, one day in the bathroom (the bathroom being the third best place for hitting parents with big questions, with driving in the car and just-before-bedtime-kisses leading in the number one and two spots.) The toothbrush, which I’d just loaded with toothpaste, wavered in the air whileContinue Reading