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Which Is The Best Kids Allowance Online Tracking System?

One of the biggest surprises for me when we first started giving our kids allowances was the number of times we would forget to give them their money. A few weeks would skip by and then suddenly we’d remember that it was Allowance Day. Often, a painful retracing of weeks followed as we tried toContinue Reading

Money Lessons From My Mom

Today’s post was inspired by a question from Jean Chatzky on Twitter this week.   Read on for a lesson for all parents. First some background.  I’m incredibly proud of my Mom.  She grew up on a farm in Ireland and was very bright at school.  My grandparents were unable to afford for her toContinue Reading

The 5% Difference To Kids Allowances That Delivers Powerful Lessons

“How much do you get for your allowance each week?” I asked T. “Three dollars,” he replied promptly. I looked at my husband. “Well, that clinched it,” said Z. In fact, T was receiving $6.00 per week in allowance. Following the Spend-Save-Share guidance I’d read about so many times, we had decreed that he wouldContinue Reading

The Surprising Secret To Surviving Your Child’s Surgery

Guess what I needed the most when my nine year old had surgery last week?  A phone charger. The surgery wasn’t  life threatening, but it involved general anesthetic and that always ups the scary stakes for parents. We opted for an 8.30 am surgery slot so that the mandated fasting beforehand would be conducted mainlyContinue Reading

5 Ways Kids Allowances Can Fail – And How To Avoid Them

After The Bathtime Incident last week, I’ve been reading a lot about allowances. It’s clear that our approach is not working – and I think a lot of other parents are facing the same situation. For example, the T.Rowe Price Parents, Kids & Money Survey last year found that the majority of kids spend allContinue Reading

Ways For A Kid To Make Extra Money

What do you do if you are  nine years old and want to earn more money? This was the challenge facing T  – and consequently his Dad and me – this weekend. If you have a kid who’s got that entrepreneurial spark, what are the kinds of jobs that are good for a pre-teen? TContinue Reading

Guest Post: Is Your Kid A One Marshmallow Child or Two?

I’ve got a guest post today over at Raising CEO Kids on delayed gratification and the Marshmallow Test. Conducted in the 1960s, this famous test asked four year old students to sit in a room individually with a marshmallow in front of them. They had been told that if they waited until the researcher cameContinue Reading

Using Bathtime To Teach Kids The Value Of A Dollar

“I’ll pay you $10 if you let me have a bath,” cried M.  “Twenty dollars,” he shouted as I continued walking away.  “Fifty dollars!” That stopped me in my tracks. “Fifty dollars?” I repeated. “You’ll pay me fifty dollars if I let you have a bath?  Are you out of your mind?” Just to clarify,Continue Reading

Teaching Kids To Win:Win Is Essential For Money Skills

Like most parents, I sometimes think kids are born negotiators. Once they set their mind on a goal, they will come at you from different angles over and over again. Result? You either end up being exasperated and angrily telling them that it won’t happen. Or you give in. Sometimes because they’ve made a goodContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day Grinch: What Did Kids Learn Today About Money & Values

Call me the Grinch of Valentine’s Day. I’m a tad irritated with how we are forced to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school these days. I’m also wondering exactly what we are teaching children about money and values with these activities. Both of my boys had to give Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in their classContinue Reading